The Marple 10k Trail Race route description

The Race is a relatively flat, rural 10Km run along footpaths and towpaths, which will be boggy, muddy and uneven in places. The trail then links to the Macclesfield canal towpath and back to Marple finishing at Marple Social & Forces Club, Lime Kiln Lane, Marple.

After the Run there will be a drink (alcoholic or soft drink) a sandwich and a goody bag in the marquee at the pub and also the presentation of Winners trophies.

Be aware that the run maybe muddy and in places boggy due to recent weather conditions.

There is a participant limit and late entries cannot be guaranteed.

(See the race map).

Things to bring

  • Correct clothing. Consider the weather conditions on the day.
  • Be aware there are no indoor changing facilities available.
  • A water stop is provided at 5km but you can bring your own refreshments if you wish (re-hydrating drinks, etc).
  • A change of clothes?


  1. Limited Car Parking will be at the start of Middlewood way on Railway Road. (directions attached).
  2. Parking at the finish – Arkwright Road, Marple.
  3. The Course will be Marshalled and signposted, so please don’t get lost!
  4. Please study the map before the day.

Look after your waterways 

  • Protect the waterway environment - keep noise to a minimum and don't damage the vegetation or banks 
  • Take home everything that you brought with you, and leave the site as you found it 
  • Never dump rubbish, sewage into the water or onto the bank 
  • Clean up after your dog and keep it under control 
  • Don't light fires 
  • Report pollution, fly tipping or fish in distress to the Environment Agency
  • Report birds or animals in distress to the RSPCA 0990 555 999 (24 hrs)
  • Things can go wrong on waterways. If you see something dangerous such as serious damage to structures or water escaping, free phone 0800 47 999 47 (mobile phone companies may charge at normal rate) 
  • Make sure you have the right license or permit to boat, fish or cycle.  For more details contact our Customer Service Centre or call 01923 201120 

Take care

  • Not all towpaths give smooth, easy walking or cycling 
  • If the water appears frozen, never trust the ice to take your weight 
  • Watch out for concealed mooring pins or ropes across the path beside moored boats 
  • The risks are small, but tell your doctor if you become ill within two weeks of getting canal, river or reservoir water into your mouth or an open wound 
  • Be prepared for changes in weather and local water conditions 
  • Always keep young children under supervision 
  • Swimming is prohibited - it's dangerous 
  • Watch out for warning signs 
  • Children: don't go alone - go with a friend who can help you if you're in trouble. Always make sure an adult knows where you are going and when you will be back     

What to do in an emergency 

  • Keep calm - think before you act. Don't put yourself in danger 
  • Phone or send for help 

If a person or pet falls in, don't jump in. Instead you should reach for them with a stick or throw a rope to them. If this is not possible and you must wade into the water always test the depth with a stick first.

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