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Winners of the Marple 10k Trail Race in 2018: •Adam Thompson with time of 36’04” •Faye Waterhouse with time of 41’10” Both runners are from Stockport Harriers. The trophies were presented by Marple Firefighter Tom McCracken.

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The Marple 10k Trail Race Winners in 2017 are • Matt Bond 33'39", • Anna Mackenzie 39'41"

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Many thanks to everybody who donated for the Firefighters Charity this year. The winners of the Marple 10k Trail Race in 2016 are; • Glynn Billington with time 34’55” • Jenny Knass with time 39’13”

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The 2015 winner was Jack Morris of Stockport Harriers in a time of 32:10, impressive considering the slippy and wet conditions underfoot. The Fastest Female was Anna Mackenzie, also of Stockport Harriers in 41:47

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Thanks to everyone who took part in this year's race. The fastest male winner with time 37' 14" was David Ardern. The best female with time 45' 16" was Miriam Apsley and the fastest junior with time 47' 26" was Olly Potts.

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Thanks to your participation and donations this year we've managed to raise £2000 in total. Collected funds were shared between charities: • £1100 - The Fire Fighters Charity • £400 - Friends of Marple Memorial Park's Skate Park Development Project • £500 - fund in memory of FF Stephen Hunt The fastest male winner with time 34mins 1s was Howard Oldham. The best female with time 41mins 30secs was Miriam Apsley and the fastest junior with time 41mins 10secs was Elizabeth Apsley. This year, as well as raising funds for the Firefighters Charity, we are supporting Friends of Marple Memorial Park's Skate Park Development Project and will be donating 20% of the 10k proceeds to this local community cause. We will also give a donation to the fund in memory of FF Stephen Hunt who tragically lost his life tackling a blaze in Manchester northern quater in July.

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Thank you everybody for attending this year's event. With your contributions we managed to raise almost £2,000 for the Fire Fighters Charity. 230 runners started the event, with proceeds also being donated to a fund to renovate Marple's brass band practice room. The morning of Saturday September 8 started misty and foggy, but it wasn't too long before the sun broke through and once again the Marple 10k was blessed with glorious weather. The race was won by Howard Oldham in a time of 35mins 51secs with Elizabeth Apsley winning the female women and junior category in a time of 42mins 00secs. James Glazier was the first junior male in time of 59mins 59secs.

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. The organisers would like to thank you for your involvement in supporting the event. We have raised approximately £2500 for the Firefighters Charity. This year The Marple 10k Race winner's trophies went to Jack Morris who won the race with a time 35mins 45secs. The best female runner, Sue Morris, who finished the race in 44mins 22secs. This year we had 214 runners. There were 114 men and 100 women. 68 runners entered the race on the day.

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The winners of the Marple 10k Race in 2010; • Jack Morris – 36’42” • Annette Bowden – 42’50”

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