Any active member of GMFRS Cycling Section is entitled to recoup up to, but not exceeding £150 per financial year (1st April to 31st March). The money will be paid out in the form of a cheque for an event or race.

An event is any organised group ride where a rider pays to enter under the name of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Cycling Section. This is recognised by British Cycling under the old name of GMC Fire Service.


  • The maximum amount claimable for one event will be £75.

  • A receipt must be produced for the full amount of any money claimed and is acceptable in the form of till, written (must be legible and with a signature) or official email. If email is used then the cost of the event must be captured with a screen shot.

  • Proof of completion of the event must also be produced by including a screen shot of the race results. A screen shot of your STRAVA results is acceptable providing it captures your name and the date in question.

  • Any money claimed must be logged with the treasurer before 15th January, this includes the intention to take part in an event between 15th January and 31st March.

  • No money will be paid for events entered under any other club name than the club name of GMFRS Cycling Section/GMC Fire Service.

  • Failure to prove completion of the event will result in no payment.

  • If a rider has a mechanical issue during the race and does not finish the race, proof that they started the race is required. This can be by way of a photograph or STRAVA screen shot.

  • If an event is entered and the participant is unable to take part on the day (due to injury or otherwise), no payment will be made by the Cycling Section.

  • GMFRS Cycling Section will not pay for any race licences.


The cost of fuel used to attend an event will not be paid.

GMFRS Cycling Section advise all members to have their own insurance for races and events.


These rules have been put in place to assist the volunteer officials to treat all claims for money with consistency and fairness.



Simon Wood (Secretary)

Ged Birch (Treasurer)


Sports and Welfare Home