Providing friendly and affordable camping breaks for any serving or retired Fire Service staff, their families and friends. Email:

We are the Greater Manchester section of the UK Fire Service Camping and Caravan Club. We are also members of GMFRS Sports and Welfare Association.



The Club was established over 35 years ago. We hold 4 or 5 rallies a year at locations throughout the North West and our members also attend rallies run by other brigades around the country.

Most rallies are held at sports or social clubs or community halls and cater for caravans, motor homes and (usually) tents. Whilst every rally is different in terms of activities or entertainment etc. anyone attending is always given a warm welcome but is then free to do their own thing. Some people like to get involved while others prefer to keep themselves to themselves. No problem!




Any serving or retired member of GMFRS staff can join (and friends can also join as Associate members).

The current cost of membership is just £2 a year for each adult. There is no charge for children under 18. Current members include staff from a variety of roles, both uniformed and non-uniformed. It is not an officers club, there are no ranks, it's not full of people talking shop. It's a friendly club, for like minded people who enjoy friendly and affordable camping holidays with their friends and family. For more details or to join please email

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